Children Evangelism Ministry is one of the leading Children Ministry in Nigeria and the world with a vision to reach out to the children with the message of our Lord Jesus Christ as it is stated in Luke 2: 52. Children Evangelism Ministry (CEM) has her headquarters in Ilorin, KwaraState, Nigeria with state offices in all the state of the federation.

CEM has eleven (11) departments which forms the operational settings of the ministry. These departments perform different functions as it related to her establishment in order to achieve the overall goals of the ministry.

One of these departments saddled with the responsibility of sharing the VISION of the ministry among students on campus is the CEM CAMPUS LINK PROGRAM

CEM Campus Link Program is the arm of the ministry responsible for sharing the vision, enlisting and deploying students for the work of Children Ministry within the campus system and even outside the school. The Campus Link Program is actually responsible for the following:

 Mobilizing, training and deploying of students to engaging in active children ministry while on campus.

 Mobilizing and coordinating Corp Members during and after their service year in children ministry and most importantly in CEM.

The Ministry believes that to actualize her vision of Global Evangelism, a combined effort of the Church and all relevant Christian Mission Agencies in Nigeria and abroad is needful.